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Paternity 12 XD

Paternity XD


As I walked out of defence college and I saw my car parked on the side of the road, I had written three papers today and I was knackered. I just wanted to sleep. I switched on my phone and slipped it into my pocket. I was about to cross the road when it started vibrating, backlog of texts because it had been off all day.

I fished it out and checked to see who had called and texted. Much to my surprise and joy I had missed a call from Lindi she had sent a text in the morning wishing me luck. I opened the message, deeming all other messages as unimportant I slipped my phone back as I approached the car. I kept my phone on silent since Chomba was going to be with me in the car, i would not want to start explaining to her who was calling and why.

I treasured my peace.

I caught the whiff of perfume the moment Chomba alighted from the drivers side. She handed me the mobiliser and walked around to the passengers. As I settled in the drivers seat, I reached for the lever beneath the seat yanked it pushed it back then I adjusted the mirrors.

I switched on the engine and the navigation map came up, the car had an inbuilt GPS system that I had installed incase of anything. I could see the listed locations had increased and Levy Mwanawasa Hospital was second from the camp.

"How were your exams?" Chomba asked. I was changing the music.

"Fair, " i replied. "What did you do today?" I asked.

"I was at work," she replied.

"What were you doing at Levy?" I asked as i joined Chilumbulu road. There was silence. My hands gripped the steering toghtly and Chomba folded her arms. A movement that angered me more than her silence.

I parked the car on the side of the road. Both of us were still in uniform and i didnt want to drive when i felt like this.

"Why were you at Levy Chomba?" I reoeated slowly.

"I needed to talk to her," she replied.

Suddenly it made sense why she asked to use my car today, i had suspected it but i thought she wouldnt act so petty.

"Why are you making things so complicated? Isnt it enough what we have? Are you so threatened by her?"

"Complicated? I am not the one with a child!" She shouted.

"I remember you saying it was not a problem," I said calmly. "What did you tell Lindi?" I asked.

"What the hell did you say to her?"

She jumped at the sound of my angry voice. Chomba was testing me. "Insecurity is not a good look on you."

I said and started the car again. We did not speak to eachither the whole way back to the Camp. I actually was grateful for the silence.

I did not ask Chomba if she wanted to come to my place, i didnt want to fight with her anymore. I was too tired. I drive to her place and she let herself out of my car. She knew me well by now. If she was going to remain tight lipped about what she said to Lindi, she can sleep alone tonight.

After mh shower and a hot cup of soup, i fell asleep in the livingroom. I woke up after midnight, my mind was foggy and i could feel the fatigue creeping in. I picked up my phone. No messages from Lindi.

I saw messages from Chomba. I opened them and she was apologising for going to see Lindi. 'I just wanted her to know about us' the words bothered me so much i could not read the rest if it.

I needed to see Lindi and talk about Chomba's visit i tried not to overthink everything but in the end worry won.

Friday afternoon after work i was in Munali. I knew Lindi had the day off and was at her flat. Thulani was at the football academy for soccer practise, so Lindi and I could talk.

She offered me a seat in her small livingroom, i sat on the single sofa while she sat om the arm rest of the two seater.

"I am told Chomba came to your work place?" I said getting right to the point. She looked surprised.

"Uhmmm" she stammered.

"I am sorry," i apologised.

"I think this is something you should talk about with her." Lindi said.

"She had no right to come..."

"Your fiancee, she has every right."

"Does she know youre here? I dont want problems Achi," she said. "This is why i didnt want to tell you about Thulani, i dont want to be caught up in this kind of drama."

"Firstly Chomba isnt my fiancee, secondly there is no drama here."

"What do you call it when your girlfriend shows up at my workplace with her squad weilding their ranks in my face?"


"Nevermind," she rose.

I wiped my face.

"Look Achi, as long as you dont define things clearly for her to understand she will think Thulani and I are her enemies."

"I have explained," i answered.

"Not well enough," she replied.

"You need to make her understand that there is no us," she said .

"I cant do that," i said standing up.

"You dont want me," she pointed out. My eyes slowly met hers briefly.

I wanted her. Thats why Chomba's coming to see her made me so angry. Steady feet guided the few steps forward till she was trapped between the sofa and me. Like old times, I caressed her face, i bent my head and captured her lips.

I wanted her, she melted into me. The soft swell of her breasts on my chest as i deepened the kiss. I tasted her moith, our tongues duelled and a fire burned from my groin all through my body. I pulled her close so she could feel what she was capable of doing to me.

Lindi broke off the kiss and pushed me gently away.

"We cant." she said breathlessly.


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