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Flexible Phone Holder

Sometimes your hands would rather be doing 99 other things and holding your phone is not one of them.

This new innovation allows you to have your phone at eye level without necessarily having to hold it, it can sit around your neck or you can have it resting on your table.

Impromptu selfie stick? It can transform into that.

I also discovered it works well as a phone holder for the car too. You can efficiently follow your google map without holding your phone and the steering wheel at the same time.

Are you a cyclist? This can also wrap around your handlebar nicely. Gym? You're covered too.

Moms, you can iron, wash the dishes, cook, nurse the baby and not have to fight over which hand can hold the phone, the holder will sit around your neck while you attend to more serious business. Something about the kids in the back seat is bothersome this holder can wrap around the seat and they can watch their phone without you wondering if they will dose off and drop it.

Try it today.

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