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Music has always been a calvary for me, these BT headphones just do the trick. They are a perfect fit around the ears and they are adjustable too. So don't worry about your head size or hairdo these can fit right over your head. Because they are BlueTooth no need for a cord tangling in your hands while you work out, or while you work.

They make an ideal gift, everyone tries to ignore the fact that they need headsets until they have them!

If you're tired of listening to your housemate or your child playing loud games on their phone, these will sort out that noise problem and maintain the silence you need for life.

You can choose from a range of colours in stock.

They are foldable and easy to store and carry around if you have to.

They are also rechargeable and will connect to any device that has BT including your laptop.

Get yourself a pair today.

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